Sinergi Mitra Grafika (SMG)

SMG provides service for production and many signage demands, indoors and outdoors including, neonbox, billboard, neon sign, channel letters, letter 3d etc
Silicone Edge Graphics Display (SEG)
Silicone Edge Graphics or (SEG) is a tension fabric that is printed using a dye sublimation process and sewn around the edges with a thin silicone strip (or Gasket). The edges of the finished fabric are inserted into a recessed groove around the perimeter of the framing system. The result is an upscale frameless appearance, that displays a drum tight fabric graphic from edge to edge.
1. Lightweight & Portable
Silicone Edge Fabric is easier to ship and store than traditional signage applications. Folded neatly, fabric takes up much less space than a rigid substrate.
2. Easy Installation and replacement
SEG systems require no tools to assemble and can be reused again. The Conventional media sticker’s had a weakness such as: water usage in installation process, hard to replace, leaving a glue mark on the media If you are going to be changing out graphics often, SEG’s and Fabric Frames should considered.
3. Ink Durability
More durable printing results compared to conventional technology, scratch resistant, without laminating
4. High Resolution Visual
Printed using a direct dye sublimation process, fabric signage has a dramatic presence with the vibrant color density and high definition image clarity that premium brands demand.
5. Density Fabric
Density fabric texture compared to flexi that has visible stitch fibre.
6. Stretch and tight
A silicone beading is sewn around the graphic so the fabric can stretched taught over the perimeter of the frame and tucked into a small channel, that displays a drum tight fabric graphic from
7. Edgeless dimension
The graphic also isn’t distracted by a glossy polycarbonate face sheet like traditional framing systems. The result is an upscale frameless appearance Silicone Edge Graphics are great at showcasing images, because it eliminates unsightly edges and seams
8. Variety of frames
Silicone Edge Graphics and Fabric Framing Systems present many opportunities for impactful signage. All frames can be wall mounted, double-sided, free-standing with support feet, or ceiling suspended. Printed and fabricated in any size the options are literally endless.